Most things you want to make on Stranded need a tool to pre-process ingredients first. For example, tool heads are made using the Hammerstone and are later crafted into tools!

Tools are used for a lot of things. We distinguish them into 2 categories:


Weapons are primary used to attack animals or humans, for food, defense, riches, or just for fun. In weapons, we also have different categories:

Ranged weaponsEdit

Ranged weapons are weapons that often fire a projectile to do damage. Some examples are bows and guns, but also javelins or just stones.  You cannot be very far away and shoot a person or animal.  Like any other weapon you must be able to be inside a certain range.

Melee weaponsEdit

Melee weapons are weapons that do not fire a projectile and are used in direct combat.  After every click there is delay before you can hit again.  Some melee weapons require you to be very close while others allow you to have a good, small distance from your enemy.


Traps are very indirect weapons. It is intended to hurt people or animals, but the time that this happens is not predefined. A trap can be, for example, a fishing net (to trap fish) or a landmine.


Tools are just "tools". They are used to process ingredients. Some can also be used as weapons along with their ability to aid in crafting. Pickaxes are tools that mine ores. Axes cut wood. Buckets are used to store water. Here are some important tools you should make: