Hey Ninja is here again and im going to help you with metals.If you are wondering how to get bronze on Stranded it is very simple.Just get a bloomery or a furnace (a good one like a large one) and then simply put 3 med wood in (not on fire) and 4 med wood outside (not on fire either) and use a fire bow on the 4 med wood on the outside then put the fired wood inside all at the sme time, the 3 other wood inside the furnace will become on fire IF it reaches a high enough temperature then you AND YOU MUST go to gaather wood as fast as you can cause soon the med wood will burn to ashes and the furnace will be empty so it is crucial that you keep adding wood till the large copper ore says COPPER and the large tin says LARGE SMOLTEN TIN these instructions will help you advance through stranded so you can become a bronze age survivor. thats all for now see ya.