Tier 1Edit


Hammerstone: Simple Stone Axe and Crude Stone Dagger

Prehistoric House Parts: Woost House Parts

Stone Furnace: Bronze

Mine: Bronze


Throwing Stone

Wheat House Parts

Prehistoric Log Boat

Torch Holders

Leave Clothing

Prehistoric Shops

Prehistoric Tool Shed

Prehistoric Shelter

Prehistoric Longhouse

Tier 2Edit


Hammerstone + Simple Stone Axe: Stone Adze, Stone Awl, Stone Shovel, Stone Axe, Stone Hammer, Stone Pickaxe, Stone Mace, Stone Tomahawk, and Prehistoric Spear

Hammerstone + Simple Stone Axe + Crude Stone Dagger: Bucket, Stone Bucket, Firemaking Bow, Prehistoric Bow, Slingshot, Torch, and Prehistoric Fishing Rod

Hammerstone: Mills and Lumbermills


Hammerstone + Simple Stone Axe: Arrows

Hammerstone: Stone Pebble, and Stone Jar

Tier 3Edit


Stone Adze: Raft, Boxes, Loom, Mills, Lumbermills, and House Decorations

Stone Awl: Mills, Lumbermills, Original Clothing, and Sailboats

Stone Pickaxe: Bronze

Firemaking Bow: Ability to Cook Food, Bronze

Stone Hammer: Bronze Adze, Bronze Awl, Bronze Shovel, Bronze Axe, Bronze Hammer, Bronze Sword, Crude Bronze Dagger