What are super developers? Well, people who contributed a lot to the game. If you have questions, these are the people that you will want to ask.

Most Developers are also allowed in the Stranded Forever Best Friends server. Those guys are usually good friends of jobro13.

Darkburst369 was Stranded's first developer.

Yezzinator was Stranded's second developer.

Assainblox made the original Stranded group.

Fredtron, Xulp, and Fredsalt are all the same person. Fredsalt got banned and Xulp is Fredtron's alternate account.

Of course everyone did more than that to be a super developer. I personally don't know what all of them contributed besides that stuff. Please don't ask to be a super developer. You have to earn it. With a lot of hard work and contribution to Stranded, maybe some day you'll be a super developer too!