General InformationEdit

Small wood is found on various bushes and small trees. Some bushes do not have small wood on them, such as the kiwi bush. The small wood can be used to make various items and it's quite valued by new players.


Small wood is currently only found naturally on Triangle Beach and Acadia Mountain. On Triangle Beach it is the root of the many raspberry bushes found there. On Acadia Mountain, it is the stump of the smallest of the pine trees. You can grow your own small wood by planting raspberries or pine cones. Pine cones aren't a very reliable source of small wood though, since some of the pinecones grow into larger trees.


You can also create small wood by using an axe several times on foraged medium wood. It is easier to grow natural small wood, though.


Small wood can be made into handles when you use a hammerstone. It can also made into tiny wood when you use an axe on it.


Small Wood ------> Hollowed Small Wood or Large Wooden Handle


Small Wood ------> Tiny Wood


  • When Stranded: Episode 1 first started, two small wood could be crafted into a rocket launcher. This has been removed, however.


Small Wood
Flamable Yes
Uses Handles, Tiny Wood