Ships are non-static buildings and can be used for a wide variety of things:

1) Transporting people or items over the ocean. Swimming is also possible, but after some time you can drown and thus that is a risk to surviving.

2) Used as weapon. Equip your ship with cannons and pirates and claim the ocean as your home!

Ships are created using the "Create Building" button on the craft tool.

Current shipsEdit

Wood - Tier 1Edit

Small Edit

Small Prehistoric Log Boat

The Small Prehistoric Log Boat is created by crafting 2 Medium Wood in a Building. It is the smallest and slowest ship in the game and is only used for a transport to a new island where resources for bigger ships are.

RobloxScreenShot08192012 070357023

A Prehistoric Log Boat.


The raft is also a slow boat. Its the same speed as normal walking. Its crafted by crafting a hull into a building.

RobloxScreenShot08192012 071503931

A raft. Slightly wider. Slightly faster.

Small Prehistoric SailshipEdit

The Small Prehistoric Sailship is not very big, but its pretty fast for its size. It can also hold 2 extra persons to transport. Its crafted by upgrading the raft with a medium wood and a sail.

RobloxScreenShot09092012 225130676

a small prehistoric sail ship


Medium Prehistoric SailshipEdit

The Medium Prehistoric Sailship is the biggest and fastest vehicle in the game. Its crafted by upgrading the Small Prehistoric Sailship with a med wood, sail and hull. It can hold 4 extra people.

RobloxScreenShot12152012 121049071

Medium prehistoric sailboat