General InformationEdit

The Prehistoric Fishing Rod is a simple rod. Its currently used to catch 51 different fish from the ocean. Later on, there will be "rod-only" fish and also the addition of freshwater fish. Someday you will have to have bait for your rod. This could be obtained by digging for worms or trapping minnows. For now, there are no nets, spears, other rods, or bait. This tool is often neccesarry for survival, unless you live far from water.


To use the fishing rod, equip it and click the water. Then, wait patiently. Tell other tribe members ( if you're in a tribe ) to not disturb you. Eventually, the bottom bar should turn green and start going down, and the name of a sea animal will appear above the bar. Click once, as quickly as you can. If you were quick enough, the fish should be in your inventory! Click again to continue fishing.


A Prehistoric Fishing Rod is created by crafting a Large Wooden Handle and a Rope together into a tool.

Other fising toolsEdit

The only absoltuely neccesarry tools other than a rod for making fish useful is a firemaking bow and some fuel ( leaves, wood, coal ) These are used for cooking the fish so it becomes edible. In later updates, you will need bait as well. A dock is nice for fishing, making your tribe look efficent as well as a space to put freshly caught fish and a place to put boats. A sailboat is nice for fishing on the go. If you wanna be cheap, you can just attach a house floor to your log boat or raft.


  • The rod may get a feature that allows you to see a picture of the fish you are attempting to catch.
  • The rod also uses a special menu called the fishing stats menu which shows the kinds of fish you caught, the fish you missed, the fish you catch most commonly, the amount of fish you have caught, and the rarity of the fish you caught.
  • There are 51 different fish to be caught. All are saltwater fish.
  • There are 16 rarity levels: 1-15 and Extreme. Extreme rare fish have a special chance to be caught, like 1/7500. To compare: A level 15 fish currently has the chance of approx. 1/250 to be caught.
  • The rarer the fish, the faster you have to catch it.
  • Later on, a luck skill will be added.
  • Later on, weather will influence what fish you can catch.
  • Later on, your fishing rod can break.
  • Later on, we will get more fishing methods like net fishing, spear fishing, ice fishing, and boat fishing.