Pirate Lagoon is a small Island. It has two mountains, and a rough, cliff like edge of it's islands. The two mountains have melting snow flowing through as a stream, with one stream unvealing a secret cave with a pile of rocks in it. There is unforgable snow at the mountain's peaks. In the center is a small lagoon, as the name says.

Food SourcesEdit

Not much to eat here. Just some jaw-breaking coconuts and the rather unappetizing ocean. Fish can last you a while though, if you can be bothered to make a fishing pole and a firemaking bow out of the stones.

Strategies to SurviveEdit

There isn't much building space, and the coconuts are sure to run out after a while. It's reccomended just to go there for easy small stones or wood. If you do plan on staying there, make sure you have a fishing rod, because just coconuts probably won't be enough to sustain your hunger. Try to make buildings tall to preserve space, and take advantage of the stone. Maybe you could be a pirate, robbing and destroying ships and enslaving the helpless people in them, making useful weapons in the stone cave......after all, this is pirate lagoon. Or a shopkeeper, gathering food and ores from other islands and selling them here, with a dock in the lagoon.


Small stone

Medium stone


Medium wood

Palm leaves