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Stranded: What is it exactly?

Stranded is a game about life and can be played on roblox. The game's main character is... yourself. You find yourself Stranded in the middle of nowhere, or, to be exactly: In the Bermuda Triangle after a ship crash. No human has ever set a feet on the inside of it. Its like exploring the moon. The desperate struggle of surviving starts here. You dont only need food and drinks to survive, but also weapons to defend your storage room from hungry animals and aggresive players. Because you are warped back into the prehistoric, it also is a good idea to give yourself some luxury, ranging from simple huts to huge castles. The choice is yours...

RobloxScreenShot02152012 215444083

An example of the areas you can explore!

Nice! Where can I find it?

On Roblox of course, but click here to go directly to the place!

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