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Thats a medium wood. A tree. Without leaves.

General Information 

Medium Wood is a tree without the leaves. You can also call it a tree trunk. It is one of the most basic resources in the game.


Medium Wood is the trunk of all trees. Every island that has trees, which most do, has medium wood. The only islands with no medium wood found naturally are Snowpeak and Waterrock.

You can also grow trees with a shovel and a fruit found on that tree.


Some wood is lighter or darker than other wood. Date and white grape trees, found on Clay Island, are a bit lighter than the apple trees on Mainland. Palm trees have a brighter shade of brown, while citrus trees, found on Megaland, are darker.


A tree trunk is one of the most fundamental resources. It is the basis of handles, buildings, ships, and many other things. It also burns rather slowly, making it useful fire fuel.


If you use an axe on a medium wood, you get small wood.

Medium Wood ------> Small Wood

If you use an adze on a medium wood, you get a plank.

Medium Wood ------> Plank


Wood is the basis of most buildings. Be careful when using it though, since it is flamable.

Medium Wood + Medium Wood = Wall

Wall = Regular Wooden House Parts

Medium Wood = Custom Prehistoric House Set

Medium Wood + Plank + Small Wood = loom

Raft + medium wood + sail = small prehistroic sailboat


Wood burns for quite a while.

Use a firemaking bow on a medium wood to make it burn.

Medium Wood -------> Burning Medium Wood


Wood is one of two ship materials.

Medium Wood + Medium Wood = Prehistoric Log Boat, Wooden Boat Seat, Stair Set


Medium Wood Stats
Flamable: Yes
Rarity: Common
Uses: Burning, building, crafting