General InformationEdit

Handles are objects generally used to make tools. Currently, there are only wooden handles.


To create a handle, the tools you usually need an axe and a hammerstone. If you have small wood with you already, then you need only a hammerstone. You also need at least one medium wood.

First, use your axe on the wood. Skip this if you already have small wood.

Medium Wood ------> Small Wood

Then, use a hammestone on the small wood. Choose Large Handle when asked for the item you want to craft.

Small Wood ------> Large Handle

Continue using the hammerstone on the handle until you have the prefered handle.


There are several varieties of handles. Here they are:


Large Wooden Handle: Used to make a shovel and other tools.

Medium Wooden Handle: Used to make most tools.

Small Wooden Handle: N/A


Large Sharp Wooden Handle: Used to make a spear.

Medium Sharp Wooden Handle: N/A

Small Sharp Wooden Handle: N/A


Handles are needed for almost all tools.

Shovel Head + Large Handle = Shovel

Large Sharp Handle = Spear

Large Handle + Rope = Prehistroic Fishing Rod

Medium Handle + String = Firemaking Bow or Prehistoric Bow

Medium Handle + Adze Head = Adze

Medium Handle + Pickaxe Head = Pickaxe

Medium Handle + Awl Head = Awl