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A hammerstone is a very basic and easy-to-make tool that you can use on various objects, such as stones and wood, to create new things out of them. It is one of the most important tools in the game, because it is required to make every single other tool.


Just click on the object. The amount of tries needed depends on your Stonemasonry skill.


The stonemasonry skill is a part of calculating the number of hits you need. The minimum is 1 hit, the maximum 10 hits. The quality of the stone you craft into the hammerstone is also important, because the average of the quality and the stonemasonry skill will be subtracted from 10. Example, a hammerstone quality 10 and a stonemasonry level 5 will take (10 - (10+5)/2) = 2.5 hits. This is always rounded up, so this will take 3 hits.

For everything you craft with your hammerstone you get + 1 XP for Stonemasonry.


You can use the hammerstone on many objects. Here are all the things you can craft with a hammerstone.
RobloxScreenShot08192012 071007334

Using the Hammerstone on Small Wood.

Small Stone ------> Tool Heads

Small Wood ------> Large Wooden Handle or a Hollowed Small Wood

Medium Stone ------> Hollowed Medium Stone, Heavy Stone Ball, or a Medium Stone Wheel

Large Wooden Handle ------> Medium Wooden Handle or a Large Sharp Wooden Handle

Medium Wooden Handle ------> Small Wooden Handle or a Medium Sharp Wooden Handle

Small Wooden Handle ------> Small Sharp Wooden Handle

It's also a beginner's weapon, and an effective sieging tool.

RobloxScreenShot08192012 163110167

Using the Hammerstone on Small Stones.


Hammerstone Stats

Hit Time

Damage 8.00 at Combat 1

Crafting, Fighting, Sieging


One small stone is all you need. Make sure to craft it into a tool.