Food and Drinks are very important features in Stranded. If you eat them, your hunger/thirst bar increases and thus you don't starve or dehydrate. There are a lot of different foods to be found and created:


Name Stats [Hunger/Thirst/Health] Description Location
Apples 0-10/0-5/0 Small, Round, Red Mainland
Kiwis 0-5/0-5/0 Small, Headshape, Brown Mainland
Raspberries 0-10/0-5/0 Small, Round, Red Triangle Beach
Coconuts 0-5/0/-5-0 Large, Round, Brown Triangle Beach, Pirate Lagoon
White Grapes 0-10/0-5/0 Small, Square, Light Green Clay Island
Date 0-10/0-5/0 Medium, Tall, Brown Clay Island
Pears 0-10/0-5/0 Medium, Tall, Green The Crater
Watermelon 0-5/0-15/0 Large, Headshape, Green Megaland
Oranges 0-10/0-5/0 Small, Round, Orange Megaland
Lemons 0-10/0-5/0 Small, Round, Yellow Megaland


0-10/0-5/0 Small, Round, Green Megaland
Olives 0-5/0-5/0 Small, Round, Green The Crater
Blueberries 0-5/0-5/0 Small, Round, Blue Acadia Mountain

Hand-made foodEdit

Hand-made food is food that is not found in nature. One example is Bread.


Bread is made by getting a wheat ear, which is converted into flour. Then it's made into dough and then crafted into bread dough. Then it's cooked. It gives 20 hunger. More information here.


Fish is caught with a fishing rod. To eat it, you must cook it. The hunger cooked fish gives ranges from 15 to more than 100 hunger, depending on the size of the fish. Coral, shells, and sea urchins cannot be eaten; they are meant for decoation. For more information, click here.



Ocean WaterEdit

Ocean Water is the only current drink you can find in the game. This will change later and ocean water will be unhealthy and will make you even thirstier because of the salt in it. You will be able to melt snow, filter ocean water, and drink from streams and puddles in later updates.