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I've installed a house floor on my raft to go fishing on. Very prehistoric in its concept.

Fish are animals that can be caught with any fishing rod. Later, the type of rod, the bait, the skills of the player and some other environment variables will effect what fish you can catch, and how much the chance that is.

Fishes with (Raw) in their name can be cooked to eat them. The bigger the fish, the more hunger they give.

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A hard day's work. I'm not getting hungry tonight :D

Fishes without (Raw) in their names are decoration. This includes starfish, coral, and shells. Most players become rather annoyed when catching these, but some enjoy putting their trophies of the sea in their home.


Fishes are divided in 15 rarity levels. The rarest is level 15, the least rare level 1. Catching a rare fish doesnt mean it gives a lot of hunger, but often it does, such as for the zebra turkeyfish and the football fish. There are also 2 Legendary Fish in the game, which are extremly hard to see and even harder to catch.


There are currently 51 different fish to be caught on Stranded.