This page is for the building standards of Stranded. The thing is: we dont really have them. Thats why we post our own building standards here to give you an idea on how it works.

Fredtron's How to Build a Building for Stranded:Edit

Fred has made a lot of buildings already. He has 3 standards:


Tool sheds, Accepted items into the game.

  1. No meshes. (Well, at least mine don't have them but they may be accepted. Wedges are usually fine but still try to stay away, as Stranded is Block Based.)
  2. Walls of 2 stud thickness but the roof is only one with two layers.
  3. Mostly studs as surfaces and weld them together, not anchor.

Follow these to make a sucsessful building and to get the best chance of getting it onto stranded!

House Parts, how are they different?Edit

House parts are basically the same as buildings, but all of those building can be combined to create a bigger building.

  1. No FILE meshes. (Well, at least mine don't but they may be accepted.)
  2. Walls are 1 stud thick, floors are 1 stud thick, and roofs are wedges.
  3. Mostly studs as surfaces and weld them together, not anchor.
  4. You want your house parts together to be a 12 x 12 x 12 box. That means a 12 x 1 x 12 floor and walls that are 11 studs high. Walls should be atleast 10 studs wide and a maximum of 12. Make sure if you put your walls on a floor they fit together properly. Roofs are 4 (Is it 4 or 5?) studs high.

House parts consist of many different pieces, and usually walls of the same type are made in 10, 11, and 12 studs wide. Follow these standards and have your house parts in the game in no time!


Some notes: Buildings are always NOT anchored, because if we later have the building destroying using weapons, we will use :BreakJoints() to kill the buildings. Anchoring prevents this. The building script unanchors all, so dont anchor anything!