This article is about storage units used in the game "Stranded".

Guy with a massive prehistoric wood box

A man and his massive prehistoric wood box.

Basic DescriptionEdit

    In the game "Stranded" players face a dire shortage of space in their backpacks (due to a realistic weight limit). Jobro13 decided to remedy this by creating a storage system. He created boxes. All currently known boxes are described as both "wood" and "prehistoric." The only difference between them is size, the sizes are: small, medium, large and massive. The capacity of each is 38, 57, 115 and 230 units, respectively.

Storage CapacityEdit

This is a small list of basic items and how many units they take up.

  • Medium wood: 38
  • Medium leaves: doesn't fit
  • Small leaves: 38
  • Boulder: 58
  • Medium rock: 10
  • Small stone: 2


Recipies for the 4 different types of boxes.

Small Prehistoric Wood BoxEdit

2 planks + create building

Medium Prehistoric Wood BoxEdit

1 plank + small prehistoric wood box + upgrade

Large Prehistoric Wood BoxEdit

2 plank + medium prehistoric wood box + upgrade

Massive Prehistoric Wood BoxEdit

4 plank + large prehistoric wood box + upgrade