Genearl InformationEdit

Axes are tools used to chop wood into smaller pieces. They are neccesary for islands without natural small wood.


There is currently several types of axes.


There are two types of stone axes: the simple stone axe and the stone axe. The first does not have a handle, the second does. Stone axes perform faster than simple stone axes. However, stone axes are slightly harder to make.


Bronze axes work the same speed as stone axes, but when you use it you get 2 small/tiny wood instead of one. This makes them much more efficent. Also, you cannot have a bronze axe without a handle.



Click on the pre-gathered wood several times. This can be medium or small wood. Usually, it takes longer to use an axe than a hammerstone. Please note that axes do NOT harvest wood.


Axes can chop medium and small wood.

Medium Wood ------> Small Wood

Small Wood -------> Tiny Wood


Axes are rather simple to make.

Stone AxesEdit

To make a simple stone axe, just use a hammerstone on a small stone and select the stone axe tool headCraft it into a tool. To make a stone axe, craft a stone axe head with a medium handle.

Bronze AxesEdit

To make a bronze axe, use a hammer on a piece of bronze until you make bronze tool heads. Then, craft a bronze axe head with a medium handle.