An Animal Pen should come after an Animal update. The Animal Pen comes in 3 (maybe 4) sizes. It will start small then get bigger as you upgrade it for more containment.

Suggested by SkilledSniper1 (talk) 02:02, March 24, 2013 (UTC)


The Animal Pen is typically a containment for domesticated animals, or containment of herded animals for domestication. Small Animal Pens will hold up to 2 cows. Medium Animal Pens will hold up to 5 cows. Large Animal Pens will hold up to 15 cows. Massive Animal Pens will hold up to 40 cows.


Small Animal Pen: Medium Wood x10 + Plank

Medium Animal Pen: Small Animal Pen + Medium Wood x4 + Plank

Large Animal Pen: Medium Animal Pen + Medium Wood x6 + Plank x2

Massive Animal Pen:

New recipes that come with Animal PenEdit


New measurements that is needed with Animal PenEdit

Horse: 2 Cows

Cow: 4 Chickens

Chicken = Dog = Cat