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Me and my friend with our decent farm and our epic advanced prehistoric windmill.

Strategies on buildingEdit

Collet tons of wood or farm trees to grow lots of trees, harvest the plant, the leaves and the wood, make 1 wall and 2 big walls, make 2 more linen gather 2 boulders and make wheels out of then and get 2 med wood, then grab your prehistoric windmill and upgrade (*NOTE* this isn't the correct recipe i it's not going up here.

General informationEdit

It's the 3 and finale upgrade from the prehistoric grain/wind mills. at the top of the mill you'll find a slight hole, drop wheat ears into the hole or empty your backpack(easier) next climb down and gather your flour, wet it, make bread dough, then eat some toasty fresh baked bread. burning these mills is fun to do, the best part is when is breaks apart and smolders into a pile of ruble. If you're skilled at stranded you can make this easier than if you where new at this. the is the biggest and most advanced building yet in stranded, yes the large iron furnace is the seconed advanced building.