The discovery of bread is one of the greatest epics of man. This guide is a detailed explanation on how to create this delicious starch.

You need:

  1. Wheat.
  2. Something to grind wheat with, like a quernstone.
  3. A water source and a water container, like a stone bucket.
  4. Fuel for the fire, such as medium wood.
  5. And a fire starter, such as a firemaking bow.

Plucking the EarEdit

RobloxScreenShot08202012 174117620

Remember to take only the top Ear.

First you must find wheat on the yellow steps on the plateaus of Mainland, or your own farm.

You will notice that the wheat is in two parts. Take the square potion on the top, this is the wheat ear.

Grinding it OutEdit

RobloxScreenShot08202012 174328026

Process of grinding Wheat Ears into Flour.

Next, lay out all your wheat ears on a flat surface. Now equip your quernstone.

Click each of the ears with your Quernstone to grind them into flour.

Getting the DoughEdit

RobloxScreenShot08202012 174527876

Process of adding water to the Flour to make it Dough.

Lay out all your flour and equip your stone bucket.

Fill your bucket up by clicking on a water source several times.

Remember to switch from Pick-Up Mode into the pouring mode by clicking on the label that displays the contents of your bucket. Now click on each Flour to turn them into dough. You may need to fill your bucket more than once.

Kneading StarchEdit

RobloxScreenShot08202012 174637882

Process of Kneading Dough into Bread Dough.

Lay out all your dough, and start crafting 2 dough into bread dough.


Lay out all your bread dough on some leaves. It is suggested to put medium wood and small leaves on top for more heat, and a faster cooking time.

RobloxScreenShot08202012 175118391

I even added some leaves on it cuz we are cavemen.

Now equip your firemaking bow.

Set each med. wood alight with your firemaking bow.


RobloxScreenShot08202012 175257571


And Dinner is Served.Edit

RobloxScreenShot08202012 175408431


Now eat your delicious bread!